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The Maid VIP team is dedicated to saving you time and providing a high-quality and affordable cleaning service. We also make the booking process for a house clean as simple and easy as possible. The first step is to get a fast and accurate estimate for your house cleaning project. Some cleaning companies will send an estimator to your house and give you an estimate. This process can take up extra time and the cost may be high. Maid VIP Referral Agency offers a process that is much simpler and 95% accurate in predicting a house cleaning quote. To get the most accurate quote, we recommend that you first search your address online and gather some basic information like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home. A Marching Maid representative will then discuss your cleaning requirements to find the right maid service in Camarillo. We provide an accurate estimate for your Camarillo home once we have received all the necessary information.

Maid VIP sends cleaners for a variety of cleaning services. Regular maid service on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis is the most popular service. There are no cleaning contracts with Maid VIP. You can change the frequency of your cleaning at any time. Log into your Maid VIP Account or contact a customer service representative by calling (888) 571-9181. Our customers value having a house cleaner they can trust to clean their home consistently. If you don't request someone else, we will make sure that you always get the same house cleaner. This will allow the house cleaner to know you and your home, as well as customize their cleaning methods according to your preferences.

Do not let unattractive stains or foul odors persist any longer! You can get the cleaning you need by using Maid VIP carpet cleaning in Agoura Hills.

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Maid VIP looks hard and long for the most reliable cleaners in Agoura. We check the registration details of professional housekeepers to make sure they are able to provide the best service in Agoura. We conduct a video or in-person interview with the housekeeper. Interviews are the best way for us to assess the professional house cleaner we will be sending to our customers' homes. We then evaluate their housekeeping experience in order to ensure they are competent and knowledgeable. Then, they will send a photo of the cleaning supplies they use on the job. Each professional house cleaner supplies their own cleaning products. The cleaners should use the cleaning tools and products that are familiar to them and that make them feel confident in their ability to clean your house. We also conduct a background investigation to ensure that the housecleaners you hire are reliable and trustworthy. This will help you feel secure and safe with the professional service you receive.

Booking a flat rate house cleaning is usually the best option. It ensures the whole cleaning project is completed, no matter how long it takes. Booking a cleaning hourly is more practical in some cases. Most often, only certain parts of the house need to be cleaned. If the house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, but only the bathroom and kitchen needs to be cleaned. It may be more convenient to book an hourly service in this situation. The cost of Maid VIP is calculated based on a minimum 2 hour booking. The professional house cleaner can finish the job if the initial cleaning project checklist is completed before the 2-hour mark. Additional house cleaning tasks could include: washing windows, folding laundry, mopping floors, etc.

A deep clean is an excellent way to bring your home back to life! Dust that collects in easy-to reach places above the waist can be easily cleaned by a quick swipe of the hands. It is not recommended to scrub the shower walls or the kitchen cabinets, nor to crouch over the mop and clean the floor while scrubbing. If it has been between 1 and 3 months since you last had your house professionally cleaned, we recommend booking a deeper cleaning. Some of our regular customers book a deep clean with us about every six months to give their house the attention and care it deserves.

Maid VIP Carpet Steam Cleaner Services Agoura Hills CA

Each application is thoroughly reviewed by Maid VIP. We only want the best professional cleaners for our customers, so we look for the most talented and passionate house cleaners. This process may be tedious, but it is important. Over the last 8 years we have found that those who are most competent at cleaning houses also have extensive experience. Most of the maids are either from the best hotels around or they have been professionally trained by supervisors of top house cleaning companies with years of experience. The maids who we encounter want to work as independent house cleaners. They can choose their own schedule, their cleaning supplies, and which customers to refer them to. The best house cleaners we found are those who have the freedom to choose which homes they clean. They also enjoy having housekeepers with a passion for cleaning who feel appreciated and are rewarded.

Every year, Maid VIP performs hundreds of cleanings for move-outs. And I completely understand why! It's not fun to move out of an apartment or home. It's fun to imagine your new home, but getting there isn't enjoyable. You have to start by thinking about the packing. You will then need to complete a detailed move-out clean of your house so that it is pristine for your next tenant, and you can get your deposit. Here is where Maid VIP shines! Professional housemaids enjoy nothing more than seeing the difference in a home's appearance.

Our online booking system makes it easy to cancel, change, or reschedule your appointment. If you need to add more house cleaning services, you can easily access your Maid VIP online profile. This includes: garage cleaning and patio cleaning. For more customized or detailed assistance, Maid VIP offers dedicated support via phone, email or text message M-F (8:00AM-5.30PM) or Saturday (8:00AM-12:00PM). For Maid VIP, it is important to answer customers' questions about house cleaning and make them feel comfortable during the referral process. Our main goal is to ensure that your cleaning process goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When house maids know all the pertinent information about your house, such as where to park, enter, and which areas you would like them to focus on, you'll be happier with the results.

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Talented workers are also appreciated by customers. We raise the bar for carpet cleaning because we know that it produces better results. Experience and skillfulness are not something you can teach, so we hire people with those qualities and put them to work.

It is important to have ambitious employees and a culture that focuses on developing everyone's skills. At Maid VIP Carpet Cleaning, we invest time and resources in cultivating these fundamentals. It shows up in the quality of our work and the speed with which we can satisfy our customers' needs.

Maid VIP is committed to providing the best experience in house cleaning. After we've determined what type of housecleaning you need, we send a highly rated housekeeper to clean your home. After the cleaning is complete, the cleaners have packed up all their supplies and you've done a walkthrough, we will process the payment. We accept all major debit and credit cards. We hold the credit card the morning of the clean and charge it after the clean. SSL encryption protects your credit card information. Professional house cleaners are allowed to accept tips in cash. You can tip using your credit card if you contact a representative. Create or login to a Maid VIP Account, and you can input the tip directly into the scheduled booking.

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The cost of replacing carpets can be very high! Maid VIP Carpet Clean will expertly and beautifully revitalize your commercial or home carpet at a fraction the cost.

Maid VIP cleaned the windows at our home. Maid VIP was excellent. When they finished, there was not a single spot or streak. The staff at Maid VIP even removed all the bugs from our garage window. The scheduling and proposal process is efficient. They contacted me shortly before my scheduled date to confirm and even reached out that afternoon to ensure we were happy with the service. Karen was the person we spoke to for scheduling. She was efficient and pleasant. This company is highly recommended. - Kera S.

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The team from Maid VIP Window Cleaning and Power Washing did an incredible job with our house today. The guys were courteous and kind, and they worked hard to make our house look like new. Our home was built 2 years ago, and we never cleaned the siding or deep-cleaned any of our windows. They cleaned the entire house, the back/front patios, the windows, screens, and gutters. They are highly recommended and I will be using them again in the future. Great family-owned company! - Lauren B.

The grout between tiles can accumulate all kinds of dirt. You may have a dirtier floor than you think. Call us today for Agoura Hill tile and grout cleaning.

The Maid VIP booking tool makes it easy to book this maid service or any other cleaning service. You can book your cleaning service in just a few minutes, if not even seconds. Our cleaning company has performed a fair amount of post-construction cleans, but we do the majority of our cleanings as regular house cleaning in Agoura. Regular cleaning is a weekly, biweekly, or triweekly interval. The frequency of cleaning you choose will depend on how clean your home is between cleanings. The greater the discount, the more often we clean your home.

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The Clean Trust and the Carpet and Rug Institute. All tasks are performed to the highest professional standards by Maid VIP Carpet Clean. We also follow all local, national and international regulations regarding the chemicals we use and the disposal of waste. We are fully bonded and covered by insurance. We will keep your home and its contents safe. We are proud of our ratings on Angie's List, and other feedback sites. They have helped us grow and make our hearts melt. You will appreciate that Maid VIP's products are 100% organic and environmentally friendly if you have pets or young children, or if you care about the environment and your health. We use eco-friendly chemicals to clean, and we also dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Modern innovation has allowed organic carpet cleaners to have the same cleaning power as their toxic counterparts, without the hassle.

We believe that having a variety of services available is just the beginning of our importance as a small company. We care about how our customers feel and think about their home or office, so we came up with 4 core principles that we strive to achieve in every cleaning service.

We couldn't be happier with Maid VIP window cleaning! The vinyl siding on our northern side was in desperate need of a pressure wash to remove the green mildew. The Maid VIP team was excellent. They removed all the furniture from our porch, and prepared the perimeter of the home. The house had been pre-treated before the pressure washing, but the final result is amazing. The "crew" who showed up after the pressure washing was even more amazing. They removed all screens and cleaned each window inside and outside! The crew was polite, courteous and professional. I highly recommend Maid VIP to anyone who wants their windows or home pressure-washed! - Scott B.