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house cleaning today

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You can't go wrong with Maid VIP if you are looking for a house cleaning service that is professional, fast, and convenient. Both our website and mobile app are easy to use and will put you in contact with home and house cleaning experts in Los Angeles. You can easily schedule cleaning services through the Maid VIP platform. This will make your life more convenient and less stressful. Living and working in Los Angeles is demanding. And let's face it, who wants to return home and have more to do? Spend more time on what you enjoy while your professional home cleaners take care of all the dirty work.

House Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, CA are rated 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 251 reviews of the 400 listed house cleaning services.

Because many residents are so busy working to get by, cleaning the house is not something they prioritize. Many residents now rely on maid services. They keep the house and household clean. You can keep your house clean even if you're busy at work or home.

You decide what you want cleaned. You can choose what you would like cleaned, the person you'd prefer to have clean your home, or even what you should do in case someone is sick. You can customize dozens of options to suit your needs (and Maid VIP concierge is available to assist you). You can also use the most popular settings and let your computer run on its own. You're in control.

There's always someone who can fit your schedule, whether you want a clean tomorrow or in a month.

We all want to be part of the excitement, adrenaline, and hustle of a city where people never stop moving and working. And of course, we also want money.

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Over time, your fans and draws will begin to collect dust. Allow professionals to clean it using the correct cleaning equipment. They are familiar with the different types of chemicals that can be used on various household items.

Most clients choose the same cleaner every time. It is easy for us to build long-term relationships. Schedule Assurance ensures you receive the most suitable cleaner for your needs. You can also choose multiple cleaners or extra backup. You can easily ask for a different match if you're not 100% satisfied.

Before they hire anyone, they check their behavior. You only need to hire the firm and let them do the rest. You don't have to worry about your home.

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30 day house cleaning challenge
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house cleaning after construction

We offer a quick, convenient service without compromising on the quality of your cleaning professional. Each booking comes with the Maid VIp Happiness Guarantee. All cleaners who use this platform are background-checked. You can be confident that you are booking a reliable and fast apartment cleaning with Maid VIP. Maid VIP has completed millions of cleaning jobs!

A virtuous cycle is created when the best employees are combined with cutting-edge technology. The technology helps cleaners concentrate more on providing a good experience so that they can achieve more in less. This helps them to earn more and makes them happy, making their clients more satisfied, helping them earn even higher. This is an amazing thing.

The Maid VIP team can anticipate problems with cleanings before they happen, such as if someone is unable to keep an appointment. They have already prepared solutions for you. The smart standbys are what make Maid VIP so reliable. They reduce issues by more than 50%.

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It is quick and simple to use the Maid VIP Platform. You can easily book a cleaning service that will be there when you want them. You can book online, or through the app. You can then relax and let a professionally vetted cleaner or maid give your apartment or home some TLC.

When you work with Los Angeles House Cleaners Referral Agency, you can breathe easy because your home will soon sparkle.

Domestic cleaning service is becoming very important to the lives of many households, especially those who abhor living in a clustered house. Professional house cleaning deploys special equipment in keeping the house clean. Depending on the type of cleaning job involved, professionals often use such cleaning equipment like vacuums, brushes, dustpan and so on.

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The BEST maid Maid VIP sent! Very considerate and thorough. Arrived early and completed the work quickly.

The correct chemicals are applied to surfaces such as wood, stainless steel, ceramic, marble, Formica, and many others.

The cleaners will clean your entire home, including the obscure places that you tend to overlook, such as the closets, book shelves, and wardrobes.

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If you are the busy type, you would not devote the required time to all aspects of your home, as the professionals would do. If you are not an expert, you would discover that the process is very exhausting and tiring. The work could be very tedious and many mothers could not afford to devote such time for cleaning purposes only.

Los Angeles House Cleaning and Maid Services is a referral service that is reliable, affordable and trustworthy. They will make your home look pristine, and you won't need to worry at all about anything while it gets cleaned.

The Maid VIP system is by far the most user-friendly I've ever used. The photos I added to my cleanings helped me ensure that cleaners would set up my Airbnb in the manner I wanted for my guests. "Just fantastic!"